Is Living with Bipolar Disorder Possible? A Balance Can Be Found

Are You Living with Bipolar Disorder? Know Someone Who Is?

So you’re living with bipolar disorder…

Then you may have experienced the tremendous highs of manic bipolar disorder…

You are certainly likely to have experienced the horrible lows of bipolar depression.

You may have – even regularly – experienced states  that most people have never felt unless they took some serious narcotics (not bipolar medication – illegal drugs! 🙂 ).
I’ve been there.

If you’ve just been diagnosed, or you are starting to make connections between your behavior and mood swings to what you’ve heard about in the movies or in books- you may have quite a bit of anxiety. Am I bipolar? Will I be able to live a normal life? Will I ever be normal?

You might be wondering what you can do if you are a friend or family of such a person. What’s your role if you have a bipolar boyfriend or bipolar girlfriend? Do you even want to be involved? How can I support my bipolar husband or bipolar wife?

Living with bipolar disorder certainly has its challenges. You have to really work for basic stability that the “normies” (people without any type of mental illness) just get automatically. But it can be done. Bipolar people can live normal lives. They can even live super lives… just look at all of the famous people with bipolar disorder!

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 16, though I had pretty bad depression earlier than that. On meeting me, you wouldn’t know I’ve spent nearly two years of my life in psychiatric hospitals, and three or four years recovering from episodes. Now I’m 34, happily married with three kids. You can read the outline of my story in About Me.

In this site you will find all sorts of information relevant to living with bipolar disorder- from bipolar medications, to bipolar symptoms, to bipolar support groups. I also plan to write all sorts of fun tid-bits from my experiences throughout the site, in context with the topics.

For instance, when I talk about bipolar medication I’ll tell the story of when I didn’t take my medication. I’ll also tell you the story about what happened even when I did. I’ll try to work in the story of when I thought I was Phaorah and got arrested running naked down the highway.

I’m making this site to clear up misconceptions about bipolar disorder, both for the people diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and for those that know them. My vision for this site is to see other bipolar people and friends and family of bipolar people sharing their experience and knowledge too.

That’s why I’m leaving comments open, and I give you the ability to create your own pages on the site. No body's experience is exactly the same, and even within the types of bipolar there can be a lot of variance. I’d like you to benefit from the experience of all the other people living with bipolar disorder, be it their own or a loved one’s.

Take a look at the nav bar up top to browse through some of the topics we cover.

6 thoughts on “Is Living with Bipolar Disorder Possible? A Balance Can Be Found”

  1. Dear narrator of this website.
    I do live with a Bipolar wife, who is most of all aggressive, frequent almost daily beatings, heavy verbal abuse, and ALL kind of manipulation techniques, including hiding away money, food, causing me to starve almost daily. So I usually eat outside in the car. So that I don’t get a plate in the face.
    At the same time she is very smart, alert, and social. with other people. also well liked, and perceived by others, its just at home when noone is watching.
    We have 3 kids. 4 y, 2y, 7months.
    We live through daily nightmare mainly at night when I get home.
    We barely manage to save the kids from hearing and seeing the hell this woman goes through. While I try to be understanding and accommodating, I am just about to give up hope. Even though I know of her episodes, I am starting to fight back, curse back at her, hit her back and essentially play her game, this I know is super dangerous, and its a great effort to try to contain myself. I have tried to speak with a psychiatric Columbia University educated professional charging $200 an hour.
    unfortunately to no avail. After 6 session the spotlight was entirely on me, and I was asked questions such as “why do I buy milk, or any food from the store and bring it home”. I mentioned that my wife is obsessed with not wasting anything, so she simply doesn’t buy anything or if she does is hidden or frozen.
    As I write this I am locked in a room, because my wife has an aggressive seizure, and started cursing and hitting, I managed to push her away, and lock myself in a room from where I am writing this. Often times I am not so lucky or strong to fight her back, she has endless amount of high energy, and sleeps very little. My wife lives in denial of her condition and essentially puts all the blame on me. Luckily I am a man so I can handle a lot of hitting and spitting and cursing.
    But I am reaching my limits, after 5 years of HELL. I don’t know what to do, and where to go, I am utterly confused as of how to handle this situation.
    I am considering calling the police, but honestly I am literally afraid that she will convince them that I am the actual reason why, and get myself arrested.
    Please help

    1. I am not a doctor, a psychologist, a nurse, nor do I play one on tv. 🙂 You have a serious situation here. This website is generally for support of living with bipolar, and you haven’t clarified if your wife has actually been diagnosed with bipolar, or is being treated. It does seems strange that a person with episodes could act normal for some people, and go ballistic on others. Recurring abusive behavior is not a “bipolar symptom.” So it’s not just about bipolar disorder here.
      You are describing your wife’s abusive behavior, and that you haven’t done anything to deal with that exclusively. The only thing I can recommend is calling an abuse hotline, to discuss your options. 1800-799-SAFE. Here’s their site, but call the number.… Obviously, many abusive relationships involve a partner with mental illness. But that’s not the main point here.
      The main point is the abuse of you and your children. (Studies all say that witnessing abuse affects kids as much as being abused.) Please get help immediately.
      As far as getting the courage to deal with this, and facing up to it. (It’s been five years… why?) A ReCommended therapist or psychologist, or counselor would be great… Call the number, maybe they can give you a good referral! I’d ask for two referral clients from the therapist, and talk to them also. $200 is a lot of money to spend on someone if you don’t know what you’re getting.
      I like and check out Byron Katie on you tube, search for Byron Katie, spouse abuse, to see her work with people with your issue. I like what she offers – it’s free – you can talk to a facilitator on the site for free too, but it’s not for everyone, I guess.
      I’m sorry I can’t give you clear cut instructions, but I think the main thing is admitting this is an abusive relationship, and don’t have a “I’m a man, I can take it” thing… Being a man means doing the next right thing for yourself and your children, and finding out what that is is the first step, so thanks for writing and reaching out.
      Do a search for bipolar forums also, there are a lot of them… but perhaps abuse forums are really the way to go first. Remember, people on the net are not professionals, so it doesn’t replace calling a hotline and finding out who can help you… but it’s nice to realize you aren’t the only one.

      Good luck,


      1. Update: Max wrote that he would follow up and call the hotline! Kudos! That’s a tremendously difficult step to take. Asking for help is always difficult, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of using resources around you… Would you be ashamed of using a screwdriver to turn a screw?
        We wish you well.

    2. Remove her from your home, she needs professional help. Keep your children and stop allowing her to abuse you.  Call the paramedics so they can take her to a clinic where she will be observed and that way the cops are not involved and she doesn't get charged with assault.  You need peace and you don't deserve to be living in hell because you will end up going crazy.  Inmagine those children if you leave…then she's going to take it out on them.  I'll pray for you. Good luck.  

    3. I have been there I suffer from bipolar too so does my husband so I’ve been in your shoes and am in hers. I didn’t get any better till I amitted to being bipolar, got on right meds. I went a year w no problems until I seen a new doctor and he started playing w the meds that were working. My advice is to pray and give it to God. Pray that God will open her eyes to see she is sick and needs help. I’m so very sorry for ur pian but u 2 can live a normal life but its got to start w her and you continue to support her, but u too have to be ok and if she doesn’t change and get help then the only thing to do is leave w your kids until she has no choice to get help and save her family. Its not fair for u, her or the kids to go through this pray he hears u…

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