Cyclothymic Disorder? Not as Bad as Bipolar Disorder, But…

What is Cyclothymic Disorder? Why it Annoys Me More Than Her

What is Cyclothymic Disorder

I wouldn’t say that cyclothymics are a bunch of whiners, but I might think it to myself. Cyclothymic disorder is basically just a really mild case of bipolar disorder. As with Bipolar I, they get hypomania, so they get to be outgoing and high functioning.

However, unlike Bipolar I or Bipolar II, there is never any sort of serious chronic clinical depression. There is only dysthymia – a milder form of depression. Suicidal thoughts never seem to be an issue. The episodes don’t last that long.

Why it Annoys Me

Is cyclothymic disorder so bad? They get to be the life of the party, and super high functioning for a month or two. Then for a while they’re in a bad mood. Boo hoo. I had to go extremely insane, and do ridiculous, dangerous things that I’m embarrassed to remember. A person with cyclothymic disorder might make too many commitments, yet still make good because of their super energy. So they still win.

I’ve gotten so depressed… wishing I was dead for over a year, wondering if life would never end. They have very low moods, anxiety and trouble sleeping, clears up in a few months, and then they get to be high again.

Who She Is. (The One I’m Annoyed At.)

Who is she? My wife’s Auntie is an extremely successful business owner. She has kind of a manufacturing monopoly in the city she lives. I think she has cyclothemia, because my wife says everyone is anxious about her moods, and for a while she was on medication, which she doesn’t stay on.

So yeah, I wish I was rich and successful. But… her friends, family and employees are always on the look out for an episode of hypomania. Apparently, many cyclothymics when hypomanic are irritable and bossy. Egotism is part of it.

She’s no different. When in one of her “moods,” she’ll be hyper-critical of everyone at work, and make lot of new projects. She’ll keep dragging her sister to parties her sister doesn’t want to go to. (They are both over seventy now! They should live and be well.)

Seek Treatment for Cyclothemic Disorder

Of course, even dysthymia is not enjoyable, and it’s the reason why most cyclothymics will seek treatment. Another reason to seek treatment is the fact that cyclothemia can develop into Bipolar I or Bipolar II. Even if it’s not as bad as Bipolar I, it is a serious illness and must be treated. It affects the quality of your life, as well as your loved ones. Do it for your friends and family if not for yourself.

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