Bipolar I Disorder- Joseph’s Technicolor Journey continues…

Bipolar I Disorder- The Ride on Joseph's Technicolored Dreamcoat Gets Wilder

It'sin the beginning of this Bipolar I Disorder Technicolar "dream"…

A theater employee sends me away, and I say something about how he's the one who touched me or whatever…

I leave the ticket area, but I search the stairwell for a way into the theaters. I must watch a movie, or have spiritual influence,have some influence…

The doors were all securely locked. I managed to find my way back to my hosts house. I arrive to my worried friends and host. They didn't know where I went and were very concerned.

I'm not sure what order things happened. That night I "accidentally" broke an art object in my host's home. I was totally terrified of my host's wife's doll collection – I felt evil idolater energy from them or something. I climbed the top of a balcony railing – David and my friend thought for sure they'd witness some Bipolar I disorder suicide.
right there.

"Bending the Rules"

The next morning I pop out of bed (not so characteristic of me, unfortunately. 🙂 ) and go take a shower. But on Shabbat! A no-no for an Orthodox Jew. Don't worry, I only broke Rabbinic commandments – in my Bipolar I disorder – ed mind that was OK. David,
staying in my room, was a bit surprised.

He tried to talk me into staying put, but I started getting all Kung-Fu on him, and he let me go. (Dave probably didn't want to hurt me. He actually knows Kung-Fu.)

I go to the synagogue, march to the ark, and take the scroll. I take it right out of the synagogue. They "didn't deserve it" or something. The congregants didn't like that at all.

They gave chase, old men yelling at me, shaking their fists. I returned the Torah scroll, took off my shirt, and threw it down in front of them in challenge.

How's this for a Bipolar I Disorder delusion?

As I strolled purposefully away, I threw my keys into the street. I headed to the highway and began to run. I was the Mighty Pharaoh. I had seen that the One God is truly the Master, and I was heading to the movie theater to let my minions know. When the Messiah came all would be clear. I removed my clothing, and smeared mud on my face and hair.

Pharaoh was Nature's consciousness evolved, the Survival Instinct embodied. Survival of the Very Fittest. The Snake Himself. Now was the time to admit that the One God was there in all the suffering and pain that had allowed me to evolve. He was there in each mutation. My might was not truly mine.

It was all His – being His servant makes me truly worthy of Honor! I am His Honor! I kept on running. The police sidled on over… I plastered mud on the window.

They didn't like that…

Do you see some symptoms of Bipolar I disorder occurring in this story? I couldn't make this stuff up. Is your story weirder? Leave your story in the comments … This is just the early morning of that Saturday. Let me know if you want to hear more.


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