Bipolar 1 Disorder- Come Along for the Ride! Symptoms and my Story

Bipolar 1 Disorder- A Wild Ride on Joseph's Technicolored Dreamcoat

This is usually the page where the general signs of Bipolar 1 disorder are described. There are usually some statistics, like how about one percent of the This is usually the page where the general signs of Bipolar 1 disorder are described. There are usually some statistics, like how about one percent of the population has Bipolar 1 disorder.

I'm one of the lucky 1%! Oh joy! Statistics aren't that interesting.

Instead, how 'bout I tell you about some of my "favorite" episodes of Bipolar 1 disorder, experienced by yours truly. We'll start with a good manic episode.

Before that, I'll lay down the symptoms of a manic episode (as opposed to a hypomanic episode) so you can how the story matches up with most of the symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity (Too much energy. You're all over the place, like an ADD or ADHD person. Bipolar and ADD can be confused in children with bipolar, and they may be related.)
  • Little need for sleep (You kind of collapse after a few days, than bounce up awake a few hours later.)
  • Racing thoughts These can be quite creative and interesting. I wish I had things written down or taped. I've heard this from other Bipolar people.
  • Distractibility Being distracted by unimportant details. (Unimportant to YOU maybe – to me they were very significant at the time.)
  • The famous Bipolar 1 disorder "high" Positive mood, overly optimistic.
  • Into pleasure seeking activities that can have mega bad consequences ie: drugs,alcohol,  illicit sex, crazy shopping sprees, gambling etc… (A low key example: I was offered some fine single malt scotch at a friend's,and I quickly poured and drank a whole tumbler. I ended up collapsed in the study hall. They had to carry me out..)
  • Delusions Usually delusions of grandeur. (I'm Jesus, Buddha, God, whoever I think is the ONE. For me it was the Messiah, or the devil or Phaoroh.)
  • Psychosis Including hallucinations. (The only serious visual hallucinations I've
    had during a Bipolar 1 episode was when the bouncer of a club in Eilat suddenly seemed to have a bloody nose. I looked twice, and it was gone. They "removed" me from the club when I broke a mug on the floor. I also saw a cab driver in army uniform, which suddenly disappeared. And some freaky elf type creatures were in the field and the drivers' mirror on a bus ride. That's it. Hallucinations are actually quite rare with Bipolar 1 Disorder.)

Joseph's Technicolar Bipolar 1 Dream

Now onto the show- let's play spot the Bipolar 1 symptoms. Here are some of the highlights: I'm going to spend Shabbat with my friend David at a well off family in Jerusalem. I was already starting to have the racing thoughts of a manic bipolar episode on Friday.

In the evening, with my mind racing all over the place, I couldn't go to sleep. So I get up and walk around outside. I wander about, walking very fast in a random direction, until I see the movie theater.

I decide to go in thinking I will somehow have some magic influence on someone or something. I sit on the floor in front of the line to the tickets, chanting traditional Friday night tunes. (This is made stranger in light of the fact that I'm an Orthodox Jew, and going into a movie theater on Shabbat is a big no-no. Any time is actually frowned on in very religious circles.)

This really upset an older Israeli waiting in line, and he made some comments to that effect. I stand directly up from sitting position and ask him what his problem is. (I have a bit of martial arts training, and my movements are very fluid during an episode. At least I think so.) He tells me he's a general or something, and then he sends a hand straight to my neck. I don't break his stare.

A theater employee sends me away, and I say something about how he's the one who touched me or whatever… I leave, but I search the stairwell for a way into the theaters. I must watch a movie, or have spiritual influence, or whatever… It's only the beginning of this Bipolar 1 Technicolor dream…

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