Am I Bipolar?! Oh No!!

Am I bipolar!? Good Lord HELP!

“Am I bipolar?” is a question asked with fear and anxiety. You could be experiencing some bipolar symptoms, major mood swings, can’t sleep, life going out of control… Or sleeping too much, life going nowhere. Then you read something on the Internet that clicks, or a friend makes a suggestion… and you ask “Am I bipolar!?”

Do you remember what that was like? Are you going through that now? It’s not easy. But I think one of the most important grounding things is to realize that you are not inherently flawed. You have a disease that others have. A whole community of people who are able to function normally with proper bipolar treatment. You can do it, just as so many others have! Bipolar disorder is probably one of the most treatable mental illnesses.

Do I have bipolar disorder? Take a Test and Go for an Evaluation.

People can be so afraid that they might be bipolar, that they don’t want to find out for sure that they are! Do not do this! Take a bipolar test, but more importantly, go to a professional psychologist or psychiatrist for an evaluation. Living in fear is not living. Start living with recovery.

Am I bipolar? Or something else?

So am I bipolar? I don’t like calling myself bipolar. On the chats, I see a lot of people saying “I’m bipolar” or “I’m BP.” I try to say that I have bipolar disorder. (On chats I’ve seen people say they have bi polar, or bipolar disoder 🙂 ) Why? I don’t like defining myself by my illness. I think that’s a limited way of looking at yourself. Being bipolar – whoops- I mean, having bipolar disorder, has greatly impacted my life, but it’s on the end all and be all of who Joseph is.

Labels mean a lot to your subconscious. So I think it’s very important to feed yourself the right messages. Am I bipolar? Well, in a sense yes. But I’d rather say I’m a man, a husband, a father, a teacher, a writer- and I have bipolar disorder. There’s a certain negative connotation I hear when someone says “He’s bipolar.” Kind of like “He’s mental.” When someone has the flu, no one says “He’s influenzic.” Maybe that’s just me, but that’s why I disassociate.

Do you have bipolar disorder? What do you call yourself and why? Any story you’d like to tell? Are you a friend or relative of someone with bipolar disorder? How do you refer to the illness?

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